Winner: Best Chiropractic Office 2017

Winner: Healing Arts Chiropractic, PC

Location: 3240 15th St. Ste. C, Fargo


Why is spine health and alignment so important?

"Your nervous system does not function at 100% if there is a misalignment in your spine," said Healing Arts Chiropractic operations manager Melanie Paape. "The short answer of it, if you are properly aligned, you are functioning properly and will have the best chance of health and wellness in all areas of your body. Proper alignment helps you to be healthy in ways you may not have even intended."


What do you hear from patients who get adjusted?

"They often say they wish they had done this sooner," Paape said.


What's a good tip for better back health?

"Get regular adjustments. Don't wait until you experience pain, after all, pain is the last thing to show and the first thing to go away," Paape said.


What's the best thing about your customers?

"Our patients are amazing," Paape said. "Our favorite part is when they come in telling us how much better they feel. Patients who feel good are happy people and we enjoy getting to know each and everyone of them."


Second Place: Pure Chiropractic & Rehab

Third Place: Sabourin Chiropractic Clinic