Winner: Best Place of Worship 2017

Winner: Olivet Lutheran Church

Location: 1330 S. University Dr., Fargo


What's your reaction to winning?

"For any of us participating in the contest, if the people in our communities are excited enough to participate, it's a win for everybody involved," said Pastor Gorden with Olivet Lutheran Church. "Every participant would agree that for a church, we are never in first place, we are always in second place. Christ is always in first place."


What makes your place of worship different from others?

"I don't know that we do anything different," said Gorden. "We just work hard at building relationships and being welcoming and taking care of each other."


Olivet Lutheran Church is located in the center of the Fargo Moorhead community and welcomes everyone with a mission of Build, Challenge and Send. They offer two services on Sundays with a broadcast at 10 a.m. on WDAY 970AM in addition to a Wednesday evening service.


Second Place: Hope Lutheran Church

Third Place: Prairie Heights