Winner: Best Nonprofit Organization 2017

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Winner: 4 Luv of Dog

Location: Call ahead to set up an appointment at (701) 205-0190


Tell us about your mission.

"Our mission is to help homeless dogs find their forever home, so our main focus are local and regional dogs," said 4 Luv of Dog Founder and President, Kish Hilmert. "We do not discriminate on breed, age or health. We take all kinds of strays in from the area and don't think twice about taking a dog needing medical care."


What was the highlight of your year?

"We started many outreach projects, like our 'SNIP Clinic' which goes to help underserved people with low-cost spaying and neutering," Hilmert said. "This past summer we had a couple of SNIP -or Spaying and Neutering Impact Project- clinics at the Pine Ridge reservation. This helps reduce the number of unwanted animals."


What can people do to help your nonprofit?

"People can apply to adopt dogs. We are always desperately in need of foster homes," Hilmert said. "We cannot save dogs unless we have a spot for them. Fostering is completely free because we cover all medical bills. Also, if a person can give monetarily it is always helpful because we incur bills to help area dogs."


Second Place: Do It Well, Inc

Third Place: Homeward Animal Shelter