Winner: Susan Mathison (Catalyst Medical Center)

Location: Fargo, Jamestown and Detroit Lakes

How does it feel to win?

“I’m very honored and surprised,” Mathison said. “My training is in facial plastics and ENT surgery, allergy and dermatology, but I also have additional board certification in sleep medicine and integrative medicine. While I’m not a primary care physician, my team and I take a whole-person approach to our patients and often go beyond their initial concerns to address the root cause of their health problems.”

What’s the best thing about helping your patients?

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"I feel truly blessed to serve others with my training and knowledge. I try to work with my heart, my mind and my hands,” Mathison said. “In my specialty, I get to work with a big spectrum of people from newborn babies and their parents, to the elderly accompanied by their grown-up children. My patients have such grace through their journeys, and it is a privilege to care for them.”

Second Place: Heidi Olson-Fitzgerald, PA-C (Sanford)

Third Place: Teri Johnson, MD (Independent Family Doctors)

Fourth Place: Sara Schafer, APRN, CNP (Essentia)

Fifth Place: Ender Raghib, MD (Pediatric Arts Clinic)