MOORHEAD — The snowy weather on Saturday, Nov. 30, may have caused many shoppers to stay home, but some were out and about visiting local stores for Small Business Saturday.

Customers flocked to downtown stores and beyond, as some business owners chose to be more comfortable —

like Wendy Gerlach, who welcomed shoppers into her home.

"Really, you're in my office, and this is my studio, or you've just entered the spa, and it happens to be in my living room and dining room," Gerlach said.

Gerlach has run her Lemongrass Spa business from home for over a decade — it will be 13 years this January.

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However, the frightful weather outside wasn't the only reason why she was working from home Saturday.

"I had an emergency appendectomy done, so otherwise we would've been out at a vendor event or doing something out in the community in that regard," Gerlach said.

Rhonda Harris, a small business owner who sells nail polish strips for Color Street, was also in Gerlach's home Saturday.

She said starting her business was one of the best things she's ever done.

"It has helped me to afford things in life that I really would not have been able to afford, and I've only been selling since July," Harris said.

She believes businesses like hers appreciate any kind of help, because it does more than help her make a living.

"When they invest in their business, they are investing in their families, (and) they are investing in their livelihood," Harris said.

With cocoa and cookies on the table, Gerlach and Harris were doing everything they could to make Gerlach's house a home for shoppers.

"This is what pays my mortgage. It helped put my daughter through all the different things when she was in high school, and now she's in college at Concordia, and it's been wonderful," Gerlach said.