MOORHEAD, Minn. — Kari Oslowski wants to be invited into your home to give your meals a personal touch.

Oslowski, who owns the personal chef service Kari Rose Culinary Experience, said she’ll come in to cook, leaving you well fed, happy, and, above all, comfortable.

“People do not have to be home when I’m there,” Oslowski said, “but they can be if they feel more comfortable.”

Here’s how it works: Clients have a consultation with Oslowski to discuss special diets, allergies, and what type of meals they would like. A menu is created, including how often she’ll do the cooking, and, in no time at all, dinner is ready and waiting.

Her rates average $15 per person for each meal.

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Oslowski doesn’t just do the cooking, either. Her fee includes buying the groceries, showing up with her own pots, pans and cooking utensils, and even cleaning up afterward. She even brings her own broom.

Oslowski said she’ll also prepare meals ahead of time.

“I’ll leave heating instructions and everything,” she said.

The Moorhead resident graduated with a culinary arts degree from North Dakota State College of Science, Wahpeton, in 2007. Prior to beginning her own business, Oslowski said she had been “working kitchens around town.” She was encouraged to branch out and become a personal chef, and only weeks ago registered officially as a business, using her middle name, “Rose,” in her branding.

It’s a long way from where she started, as a cook at a little drive-in in Hankinson, N.D.

“I’ve always enjoyed cooking,” Oslowski said. “I’ve always done it as my first job.”

But, she said, she’s been wanting to become a personal chef for many years, something not-so-common in the Fargo-Moorhead area. Restaurant hours are long, she said, with nights and weekends required, not to mention low pay. It made starting her own business even more attractive.

“I just decided to finally do it,” she said.

At the moment, she has one family as a client. They found her through the Facebook page she created, and she’s been making meals for them for a year.

She goes into their home once a week, she said, and makes 10 meals total for the week.

“They love me,” she said.

There’s nothing she can think of that she couldn’t cook.

“I cook all different kinds of cuisines,” Oslowski said. “I just ask for a clean kitchen, and room in the fridge to store everything.”

She brings her own gear. It includes, but isn’t limited to: a stock pot, saute and cast-iron pans, spatulas and whisks, cutting boards, even spices. She also has a Sous-Vide, an immersion circulator.

“They pay for the groceries, but I do the shopping,” she said.

Most of the time she’s going to the store just before she arrives at the house, so everything is as fresh as possible.

“It’s hassle free,” she said.

She’s printed up brochures for her business, and she’s been dropping them off around the area, at local gyms and grocery stores. She wants to get the word out about what she does, and she’s hoping people will warm to her personal touch. In the end, she said, it’s about the people as much as it is about the food.

“Meeting new people is awesome,” she said.

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