FARGO — As the snow melts away, litter from humans and waste from pets becomes visible.

One student at North Dakota State University is taking advantage of the uncovered mess to earn extra cash.

Jake Hinz, a senior at NDSU, says this is his third year operating his business, Poo Poo Pickers, which picks up dog waste for those who can't or don't want to.

He said March is usually when the two-man crew experiences a spike in business as the snow begins to melt.

Hinz said 70 homes are currently on the list to be cleaned up.

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That's an increase of 20 homes from his first year in business since Hinz started this side-gig.

"We'll still take more people, too, that's the thing," he said. "Not many people want to do it and it's a gross job, but I mean, we'll do it."

Services start at $80 and up, depending on the number of dogs per household.

Hinz also does snow removal during the winter in the Fargo-Moorhead area and runs his lawn care company, "Mow Me" during the summer in his home town of St. Michael, Minn.