FARGO — A wooden target isn’t the only thing that can stop a revolving ax in midair. A virus can, too.

Witness what’s happening at Triple Ax, 5229 51st Ave. S., which is closing down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The popular ax-throwing venue, which was eyeing a move to a larger location with a bar and kitchen this spring, will close its physical site on June 28, according to co-owner Marcel Baumgartner.

“No one came back,” Baumgartner said.

They reduced to four throwing lanes to better practice social distancing to ensure people felt safe, but it was not enough.

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The company employed a staff of nine, most of them part time.

It was a somber one-year anniversary at Triple Ax. It coincided almost exactly with the mid-March shut down of businesses by Gov. Doug Burgum due to the pandemic. They remained closed for a month-and-a-half.

Baumgartner said during their first year they’d paid off all their debt, and even had a small cushion to get them through the summer.

Now they’re pulling out of the 3,200 square-foot venue entirely. But not until June 28.

“We’re definitely encouraging people to come in,” she said.

Baumgartner has said she wants to come back, perhaps in a bigger venue, as early as 2021. But the date isn’t firm.

“That’s the hard part for me,” she said. “In opening it, I knew exactly what I was waiting for. This one, we’re just kind of waiting on a gut feeling to go away.”

For more information on Triple Ax:

Email: tripleax@outlook.com

Website: www.tripleax.com/about

Facebook: www.facebook.com/tripleaxfargo/