WEST FARGO — Freddy's Lefse, a 74-year fixture on holiday dinner tables across the region, is changing hands following the Cox family's sale of the business to Katie Nermoe and her husband, Bryan.

Freddy's Lefse has been in operation since 1946, baking the Norwegian treat that has been sold across the nation. Freddy's went up for sale in the summer for $299,000 and the No. 1 concern of Manager Michele Cox was to sell the bakery to someone who would keep the business going. That's precisely who they found in Katie and Bryan Nermoe.

"Freddy's isn't just any business," Katie explained. "It's a business that honors family, tradition, heritage and our Fargo community and that's why we bought it when we learned they were going to be closing their doors."

Nermoe said Freddy's was four days from closing its doors when she and Bryan, both of whom are descendants of Norwegian immigrants, stepped in. "Scandinavian treats are always a big part of not just our holidays, but really any family gathering," she said.

Freddy's Lefse, located at 176 Main Ave. E., West Fargo, is up for sale. Helmut Schmidt / The Forum
Freddy's Lefse, located at 176 Main Ave. E., West Fargo, is up for sale. Helmut Schmidt / The Forum

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The couple doesn't plan on making any big changes to the business and will retain the same staff. The Nermoes will work alongside the Coxes for the remainder of the year to ease the transition.

"We really are just looking forward to honoring and carrying on the Cox family legacy and tradition and maintaining the great quality products they've been able to develop over the last 74 years," she said.

"[The Coxes] have expended, very graciously, to help and assist," she continued. "We're very much committed to maintaining the same quality and standards they've been able to achieve."

Freddy's Lefse became a staple of the Nermoe's holiday meals after Bryan's grandmother, who always brought her homemade lefse, passed away.

"Like many families in North Dakota, the most important question about the holiday meal is 'Who's bringing Freddy's?'," Katie said.

Freddy's Lefse is sold at grocery stores as well as at the bakery, located at 176 Main Ave. E. in West Fargo. With Thanksgiving less than a month away, online ordering for the holiday season will open "very soon," Nermoe said.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic throwing a wrench in holiday plans for families nationwide, Nermoe anticipates Freddy's Lefse will still find its way to the table. "I think the pandemic has really caused families to take pause and embrace and cherish family time and traditions probably more than ever before," she said.

For more information or to order online, visit FreddysLefse.com.