FARGO — Dakota Timber Company in North Dakota is bucking the trend of soaring costs of construction materials like lumber and avoiding the pitfalls caused by the pandemic.

"We were prepared to scale back, shut down, get inventory because we were ready for nothing to happen," said Dakota Timber owner Seth Carlson.

The cost of lumber has risen in recent days, due to a number of factors.

"I think it's scaring consumers right now because they're like, 'oh my gosh, what is going on, why is this getting so insanely expensive,'" Carlson said.

The National Association of Home Builders says the price of lumber has tripled since April 2020, with customers usually fronting the bill.

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Carlson says that isn't the case industry-wide. His company specializes in wood-manufacturing for homes and businesses. While most companies struggle to keep up, these guys are busier than ever largely due to the fact that they recycle products and get all raw materials locally within a 100-mile radius.

"What we're discovering is, those price hikes have almost no impact on our business, because we do not deal with giant corporate entities to get our raw materials," Carlson explained. "That's kind of been how we've been able to not only keep our prices low, but we've been competitive with some of these bigger retailers."

In fact, they've seen a decrease in things like hardwood prices, and they are bringing in some construction supplies of their own.

Now, Carlson is adding an extra thrust in the push for the shop local movement. He is seeing no signs of the inflated prices dropping anytime soon and the more competition, the better.

"It's cool too because you're keeping all of that money in your local economy," Carlson said. "It's just a way more sustainable, long-term solution to the problem."