FARGO — Downtown is no stranger to shoplifting. Thanks to social media, different stores can work together to stop sticky fingers from taking their stuff.

"I would say it probably happens once every two months," said downtown boutique employee Rebecca Krueger. "During the holidays it happens so much more."

A private Facebook group helps downtown business owners share information about potential shoplifters.

"Business owners downtown can post and communicate with each other if somebody has shoplifters and they have cameras they're able to post a picture in there and then everybody in there can keep an eye on them," Proper store owner Teresa O'Day said.

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O'Day was tipped off about two girls on the private Facebook group so she checked her security cameras and found footage of them doing the deed. With the help of Fargo police, both shoplifters have been identified and caught.

"We took down all the information that we could remember, what was stolen, what time they were in, took camera screenshots and everything and were able to really work with the police," O'Day said.

So, if you're a shoplifter thinking you can sneak one past security this holiday season. Think again. The secret web of boutique buddies will have your face all over social media before you even have time to regret it.

"Social media is definitely a powerful thing and I know that faces are blasting social media right now and so like I said, if you're not gonna get caught now you're definitely gonna get caught later whether it's in our store or someone else's," Krueger said.

O'Day said that she has to handle shoplifting cases like this about five times a year.