Sports City heading into its final innings at West Acres

Sports City owner Ron Gorde confirmed Wednesday, June 3, that he's getting out of the bricks and mortar retail game and retiring. Gorde said the last day he'll be open at Fargo's West Acres mall is July 31. (Helmut Schmidt / The Forum)

FARGO - After years of selling sports apparel, Ron Gorde is getting ready to call it game, set and match.

Gorde, the owner of Sports City in the West Acres mall, has started his going out of business sale as the clock runs down to his retirement.

“It’s going pretty good already,” Gorde said Wednesday, June 3.


Gorde, who opened in West Acres in 1994, said the mall shutdown that was part of efforts to slow the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t play into the decision to retire. He had made that call last October.
He also opted not to renew his lease and said that July 31 will be the last day of brick and mortar sales in the mall.


Still, after 26 years of selling fan favorite gear, Gorde won’t be totally riding the bench in the retail game. He plans to continue with some work, selling hats and other sports apparel online at

Gorde said he was cheered by the patronage of so many loyal customers over the years.

“We’re going to miss our customers,” he said.

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