Winner: Best Local Radio Show 2017

Winner: Jesse & Amanda with Pike in the Morning - Big 98.7 FM

Location: 98.7 on the FM dial, 2720 7th Ave. S., Fargo

What's your reaction to winning?

"I felt great man! You know it was getting to that afternoon Monday feeling, and it just boosts ya right up! It is great!" said Jesse James, on-air personality and program director for Big 98.7.

Do you hang out together in real life, or only on the show?

Many radio hosts do not see each other outside of their show hours, but James said that is what sets their show apart. "No we do actually. We are doing so much on the community every day. We are always together, on air, facebook live and in the community - it's great. We got into radio because we love it, and being together is just fun"

What's your favorite segment to do on the show?

"We do a lot of fun stuff, but if you were to ask all three of us, our favorite is definitely helping people in the community with the Big Christmas Wish. Helping people gives us the most satisfaction that you can get," James said.

Second Place: Chris, John & Jane in the Morning- Bob 95 FM

Third Place: Y94 Morning Playhouse