Winner: Best Radio Station 2017

Winner: Big 98.7


Location: 98.7 on the FM dial, 2720 7th Ave. S., Fargo


What's your reaction to winning?

"Its incredible. It is really a group effort. We have some of the best talent in the country at this station--both on the air and behind the scenes--and everyone gets in and works their butts off every day," said Jesse James, on-air personality and program director for Big 98.7. "And so to have something like this it really just shows that we aren't just working hard for nothing. It actually means something to people."


What sets you apart from your competitors?

James says that it boils down to three things that sets Big 98.7 apart: "Determination, the talents, the fun. The stuff we do in the community and on the air is pretty unparalleled. The people are really what makes this station so great."


What's new for Big 98.7?

"We are going to do this thing, Big 98.7 Big Christmas Break-ins, where people can nominate a family that has fallen on hard times and we take some money from the Big Christmas Wish and buy presents for them and then we bust into their houses with presents and decorate for Christmas!"


Second Place: Y94

Third Place: Bob 95 FM