Winner: Best TV Anchor 2017

Winner: Robin Huebner


What do you love most about Fargo-Moorhead?

"It's got to be the people," said Robin Huebner. "This community is so amazing in so many ways; the way people come to each other's aid, and surround people with support for those dealing with tough times. I see that all the time when I'm covering news stories, and that is just amazing how supportive people are."


Outside of work, what are your hobbies/interests?

"I love to read," said Huebner. "I just joined a book club for the first time in my life. I like to bike, although I haven't had as much opportunity to do that, but the thing I like the most, and this is true for a lot of parents, is watching my kids do things."


What's the best thing about your local news team?

"That's hard to boil down, because there are so many really great things," she said. "I have lots of experience with the newsrooms at The Forum and at WDAY, and there are just so many really great people in both places. Together, they make a news operation that's hard to beat, really. There's experience, passion, intelligence, compassion, and all of those things are prevalent in both newsrooms."


Second Place: Mike Morken

Third Place: Kerstin Kealy