Tenants kicked out of Fargo senior living home for a week as floors are re-done

The letter given to tenants telling them the floors will be re-done..jpg

FARGO — About 30 senior citizens in a Fargo apartment say they're being blind-sided by a letter from their landlord, saying they're being kicked out of their apartment for a week.

Bonnie Sims lives in Building 3 at North Sky Apartments. She got the letter the same time everyone else did, about two weeks ago. It says the remodel will begin in January, but they're urging the people to start packing up all their belongings as soon as possible. But for people like Bonnie who has severe arthritis, even moving small things, such as knick-knacks, can be challenging.

"It's tough for us to go from one place to another," Sims said.

Across the hall, Jane Williams is also getting ready to pack up her stuff. And her stuff is a bit more delicate. The letter explains their stuff will be moved to a storage unit and the tenants will be moved to an open apartment and provided a kitchen/dining room, bedroom, bathroom and laundry room for about a week.


Williams is worried the moving and storage process could damage her instruments and they're not easily replaced.

"They want to move everything, but they don't want to be responsible for any damage or anything, and then they want to put everything in a cold garage ... It's uncomfortable," Williams said.

Through all of this, Williams and Sims say the most upsetting thing is they just got a letter, no discussion.

"Wouldn't it be better to have a meeting about it first instead of scaring everybody with a letter? ... I think that would have been better," Sims said.

Goldmark was called to find out who was responsible for this faulty flooring, but haven't heard back.

The letter from Goldmark says: "We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and appreciate your cooperation during this project."

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