Those looking for a summertime job have plenty of options

Job Service North Dakota said there are at least 400 jobs in Fargo-Moorhead area alone

Job opening sign at the Fargo Job Service
Anne Sara Bien-Aime / WDAY News

FARGO — From being a lifeguard to working for parks and recreation, there are a total of 361 job openings for the summer. These are also just the ones that are being advertised.

At any given time, the Fargo-Moorhead area has more than 5,334 advertised job openings. Many of the job openings come from new businesses, a growing population, or from people retiring. There are also many openings in the fields of construction and health care.

Fargo Workforce Manager Carey Fry said jobs that aren't being filled are usually not being advertised.

“They can advertise on jobsnd and a variety of other places as well. They should attend job fairs. They can host a job fair right here at Job Service," Fry said.

According to Fry, lower wage, entry level, and retail positions will have hard time finding workers, but companies who have retained their seasonal workers from last year will have it easier.


“So they may have laid them off over the winter months, and they are still attached to them, and so those people will just be coming right back to work as it warms up," Fry said.

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