Winner: Best City Park 2017

A moment of reflection...

Winner: Lindenwood Park

Location: 1955 Roger Maris Dr., Fargo


What makes the park such a great place?

Lindenwood is a great place compared to other parks because "it's the largest, multi-use park in Fargo," said Lindenwood Park's marketing specialist Katie McCormick. "It's an incredibly scenic park located along the Red River. It has a little bit of everything including an adaptive playground for children."


What's new or what plans are being worked on for the park?

"This last summer we added our kayak launch and in the works we will be renting out kayaks at Lindenwood. Guests can use the adaptive kayak launch and enjoy some views on the Red River," said McCormick.


What's your favorite thing to do at the park?

"I just love the trails, especially during fall. There are several monuments and interesting markers to see along the way. This year we moved the American Legion Monument to Lindenwood to give our guests a sense of history as they enter the park," explains McCormick.


Second Place: Island Park

Third Place: Rendezvous Park