MOORHEAD-- Grandma calls, she needs you to bring a big ole turkey to thanksgiving dinner. The problem is, you have to fly to her, and you have no time to shop when you land.

Well, guess what you're in luck.

According to TSA guidelines you can bring your stuffings, your yams, or even a 25 pound turkey. Or, you could just mix all the ingredients together and bring a casserole.

"Once somebody pulled a chic-fil-a sandwich out of their pocket who was sitting next to me, but a green bean casserole would be much more interesting," said Moorhead Resident John Miller.

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News of flying with your favorite thanksgiving food was too good not to share, so I told some of the locals about this tasty revelation.

"Incredible, does stuffing come with that I guess, potatoes that would be amazing if you could do that," said Moorhead Resident, Cal Thompson.

There is a catch though. When it comes to your gravy, your cranberry sauces, or your jams. You're out of luck. Anything with over 3 ounces of liquid in it is a no go.

That still leaves the door open to all kinds of good grub. The only question is... what kind of food are you flying with?

"Turkey would be the first thing, but stuffing I love anything like that, oh turnips, turnips... I gotta have that," said Thompson.

Whether its the turkey Grandma asked for or Cal's favorite food turnips it's all about getting to share that food with the family.