What's going up in your neighborhood? 30 building permits filed this week in Fargo and Moorhead

Building permits for Fargo, Moorhead, West Fargo

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Map: Click on the dots in the map above for more information about each property permit.


Bartholomay Construction, 2511 53rd Ave. S., miscellaneous work, $1,000

Cass County Contracting, 317 8th St. N., commercial remodel, $14,000

Kilbourne Construction Management, 114 Broadway N., commercial remodel, $180,000


6650 Smylie Lane S., residential remodel, $8,000

Intense Collision Center, 5402 53rd Ave. S., commercial remodel, $6,500

Thomsen Homes, 3651 49th St. S., new dwelling, $277,582

3538 1st St. N., residential remodel, $2,000

Run Run Design, 4600 32nd Ave. S., commercial remodel, $150,000

Thomsen Homes, 1521 67th Ave. S., commercial remodel, $215,227

3523 44th Ave. S., residential remodel, $10,000

Foss Architecture and Interiors, 1720 University Drive S., public building, $699,563


JLG Architects, 1411 Albrecht Blvd. N., public building, $2,492,713

Klein Custom Homes, 6443 13th St. N., residential remodel, $100,000

Tornell Contracting, 5084 44th St. S., residential remodel, $16,000

Your Home Improvement, 3602 11th St. S., residential remodel, $5,400

Your Home Improvement, 4362 45th Ave. S., residential remodel, $4,600

6771 60th Ave. S., residential remodel, $25,000

6251 13th Circle S., residential remodel, $12,800

Buchholz Mastel Construction, 2914 12th St. S., residential remodel, $13,750


Vivid Interiors, 1913 25th Ave. S., residential remodel, $12,000

JLG Architects, 801 Broadway N., public building, $480,000

Precision Concrete Cutters, 1021 Southwood Drive S., residential remodel, $8,000

6287 Martens Way S., residential remodel, $10,000

Architecture Würks, 122 Broadway N., commercial remodel, $78,000

6122 35th St. S., residential remodel, $11,300


6405 2nd St. N., residential alteration, $500

1213 12th St. S., residential alteration, $5,000


Your Home Improvement, 1330 4th Ave. N., residential alteration, $5,800

Your Home Improvement, 1309 32nd St. Circle S., residential alteration, $8,200

Your Home Improvement, 620 11th St. N., residential alteration, $7,700

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