What's going up in your neighborhood? 49 permits filed recently in Fargo-Moorhead

Building permits for Fargo-Moorhead

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1146 3rd St. N., new garage, $13,500

2964 3rd St. N., residential remodel, $10,000


Master Construction, 1033 5th St. N., demolition, $17,500

Siteworks Unlimited, 1325 10th St. N., garage, $78,000

2213 25th Ave. S., residential remodel, $10,000

Lakeman Construction, 5906 Autumn Drive S., residential remodel, $12,000

Thomsen Homes, 3754 49th St. S., new residential, $184,000

Thorsteinson & Sons, 713 Park Drive S., residential remodel, $50,000

Olaf Anderson Construction, 4401 15th Ave. N., foundation, $1,200,000

Opus Design, 3750 44th Ave. N., foundation, $200,000


3231 45th Ave. S., residential remodel, $59,400

Deckmasters, 1517 32nd St. S., residential remodel, $9,900

Green Home Builders, 7265 Madelyn Lane S., new residential, $429,000

1129 9th St. N., residential remodel, $2,800

Thomsen Homes, 3755 49th St. S., new residential, $277,582

ABC Seamless, 1738 Whitestone Circle S., residential remodel, $10,700

Jordahl Custom Homes, 6584 Toronto Drive S., new residential, $180,000

Jordahl Custom Homes, 6695 Smylie Lane S., residential remodel, $30,000


Dabbert Custom Homes, 2667 72nd Ave. S., new residential, $305,000

305 9th Ave. N., residential remodel, $2,500

Lee Jones & Sons, 4243 19th ave. S., commercial remodel, $120,210

RC Homes, 6142 Martens Way S., residential remodel, $6,500

Precision Concrete, 1526 13 ½ St. S., residential remodel, $4,000

24 South Ter N., garage, $12,000

Don Engebretson Construction , 2127 Rose Creek Drive S., residential remodel, $40,000

Meinecke Johnson Construction, 801 Broadway N., commercial remodel, $150,000

Prairie Grove In., 5875 31st St. S., garage, $214,887

Designer Homes of Fargo-Moorhead, 6609 Crofton Lane S., new residential, $352,940

Designer Homes of Fargo-Moorhead, 5853 3rd St. S., new residential, $352,940

1757 23rd St. S., garage, $25,000


Kochman Bros homes, 3517 Riverview Circle S., residential remodel, $60,000

Stage Right Corp, 202 1st Ave. N., other building remodel, $400,000

812 63rd Ave. N., garage, $70,000

McGough Construction, 4000 28th Ave. S., other building, $1,550,000

Hohenstein Homes, 1715 33rd St. S., residential remodel, $12,500

Pelle Northland, 1011 3rd St. S., residential remodel, $5,250

Jordahl Custom Homes, 921 46th Ave. S., new residential, $210,000

Jordahl Custom Homes, 915 46th Ave. S., new residential, $185,000

Jordahl Custom Homes, 4562 13th St. S., new residential, $180,000

Precision Concrete Cutters, 1914 24th Ave. S., residential remodel, $5,000

Hanlon Construction, 407 Brook Ave., residential remodel, $19,898

Jordahl Custom Homes, 909 46th Ave. S., new residential, $210,000

JV Hough Inc., 4538 17th St. S., new residential, $185,000

JV Hough Inc.,, 4544 17th St. S., new residential, $180,000

1703 46th ave. S., residential remodel, $5,000

Solcius, 1309 River Drive S., residential remodel, $25,682

Build Right, 2721 26th Street Circle S., residential remodel, $8,000

Heritage Homes, 548 Hunters Drive S., new residential, $432,000

Heritage Homes, 4884 Hampton Circle S., new residential, $430,000

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