What's going up in your neighborhood? Building permits published Oct. 1, 2022

Building permits recently filed in Fargo-Moorhead.

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1111 6th St. S., residential remodel, $5,000

Schmit Brothers Construction, 1305 3rd St. N., garage, $60,000

Border States Paving, 3302 Par St. N., garage, $10,800


Fiske Construction, 1621 10th Ave. S., residential remodel, $12,000

2530 65th Ave. S., residential remodel, $3,000

Tornell Construction, 1305 8th St. S., garage, $19,000

Fiske Construction, 6089 Wildflower Drive S., new residential, $1,600,000

TWP Architects, 3003 32nd Ave. S., commercial remodel, $500,000

Adams Development, 7469 Claire Drive S., new residential, $401,707

Three Rivers Development, 1213 10th St. S., garage, $15,000

1537 24th Ave. S., residential remodel, $2,000


2302 University Drive S., commercial remodel, $58,000

Your Home Improvement Company, 404 8th St. S., commercial remodel, $35,000

2600 LLC, 2600 9th Ave. S., miscellaneous, $62,000

RL Engebretson, 1401 Administration Ave. N., building other public, $934,660

3710 20th St. S., residential remodel, $23,000

Deck Builders, 2279 Griffin Drive S., residential remodel, $13,800

Goldmark Property Management, 3253 42nd St. S., commercial remodel, $215,000

Valor Contracting, 1540 47th St. N., parking lot, $700,000


Valor Contracting, 1540 47th St. N., new commercial, $4,525,000

6661 57th Ave. S., garage, $8,000

5494 Tanner Ave. S., residential remodel, $10,000

Your Home Improvement Company, 1506 1st ave. S., residential remodel, $9,100

RBF Contracting, 2500 Broadway N., commercial remodel, $194,000

210 Construction, 1207 19th Ave. N., foundation, $25,000

5488 35th Ave. S., residential remodel, $8,000

Thorsteinson & Sons Construction, 3644 Fairway Road N., residential remodel, $200,000

Goldys, 3019 Bohnet Boulevard N., residential remodel, $10,000

Fargo Public Schools, 801 17th Ave. N., new residential, $85,000

Jordahl Custom Homes, 2288 Griffin Drive S., new residential, $250,000

Signature Homes, 2001 23rd Ave. S., residential remodel, $6,500

Lighthouse Church Fargo, 21 9th St. S., building other public, $20,000

Dabbert Custom Homes, 7317 Madelyn Lane S., new residential, $307,900

Justin Frye, 1250 5th St. N., residential remodel, $2,000

Kilbourne Construction Management, 618 2nd Ave. N., commercial remodel, $295,000

SafeBasements of Minnesota, 902 S. Drive S., residential remodel, $5,000

SafeBasements of Minnesota, 1028 4th St. N., residential remodel, $4,046

Cornerstone Specialties, 4273 Bristlecone Loop S., new residential, $465,000

Jordahl Custom Homes, 6624 27th St. S., residential remodel, $2,700

Jordahl Custom Homes, 7345 22nd St. S., residential remodel, $2,500

American Concrete & Excavating, 1224 8th St. S., residential remodel, $4,000

Jordahl Custom Homes, 6543 27th St. S., residential remodel, $2,400

Jordahl Custom Homes, 6614 27th St. S., residential remodel, $2,500

Jordahl Custom Homes, 6546 28th St. S., residential remodel, $2,500

1534 10th St. S., residential remodel, $1,000

Jordahl Custom Homes, 6561 27th St. S., residential remodel, $2,400

Raymond Homes, 1115 8th St. S., residential remodel, $75,000


Benjamin Anderson Custom Homes, 498 Tessa Drive, new residential, $1,335,096

2115 19 ½ St. S., residential remodel, $12,000

ABC Seamless, 1230 32nd Street Circle S, residential remodel, $60,638

M&J Construction, 2204 14th St. S., garage or carport, $67,000

Deckmasters, 1016 3rd Ave. N., residential remodel, $9,500

Maximum Roofing, 3730 30th St. S., residential remodel, $7,000

Olson-Legatt Roofing, 1012 12th St. N., residential remodel, $10,900

Dedicated Construction Management, 1530 1st Ave. N., add or alter other building, $110,000

717 14th St. N., residential remodel, $50,000

American Waterworks, 1705 32nd St. S., residential remodel, $15,041

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