What's going up in your neighborhood? Building permits published the week of April 17th

Building permits recently filed in Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo

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Map: Click on the dots in the map for more information about each permit.

West Fargo
1111 Commander Drive W., residential remodel, $30,000

733 Albert Drive W., residential remodel, $12,000

619 10th Ave. W., residential remodel, $5,582

Westport Investments, 5809 Ellis Drive W., new residential, $322,730


3008 3rd St. E., residential remodel, $5,000

Jordahl Custom Homes, 874 60th Ave. W., new residential, $225,000

Jordahl Custom Homes, 123 25th Ave. E., residential remodel, $106,000

Meinecke-Johnson, 110 Main Ave. E., commercial remodel, $180,000


Hohenstein Homes, 116 14th St. N., add or alter other building, $10,000

Jordahl Custom Homes, 3724 18th St. S., residential remodel, $2,600

SafeBasements of Minnesota, 1005 14th St. N., residential remodel, $3,725


Scott Buchholz Construction, 208 15th St. S., residential garage or carport, $2,000

Carlson-LaVine, 403 8th St. S., add or alter other building, $30,000

The Home Authority, 4322 Rivershore Drive S., residential remodel, $62,451

Adams Development, 3610 32nd St. S., new residential, $220,000

Adams Development, 3718 32nd St. S., new residential, $220,000

Adams Development, 3832 32nd St. S., new residential, $220,000

Hollands Consortium, 420 University Drive, commercial remodel, $2,500

Precision Concrete Cutters, 3255 Evergreen Road N., residential remodel, $5,000


HDC Development Companies, 3051 25th St. S., miscellaneous work, $85,000

Thomsen Homes, 1448 69th Ave. S., new twinhome, $198,416

Marvin, 3720 44th Ave. N., commercial remodel, $50,000

Precision Concrete Cutters, 8004 Sagittarius Circle, residential remodel, $5,000

MKCO, 4480 26th Ave. S., commercial remodel, $25,000

MKCO, 3771 53rd Ave. S., commercial remodel, $25,000

Dietrich Construction, 1402 39th Ave. S., commercial remodel, $618,000

Thomsen Homes, 1485 69th Ave. S., new residential, $210,000


Hanlon Construction, 508 23rd Ave. S., residential remodel, $16,675

RBF Contracting, 3217 Fiechtner Drive S., commercial remodel, $5,000

Western Products, 901 19th St. s., residential remodel, $27,502

Brookstone Property, 2816 74th ave. S., new residential, $249,000

Wild / CRG, 5181 38th St. S., commercial remodel, $24,300

Innovative Basement Authority, 338 15th Ave. S., residential remodel, $4,740

Turnkey Solutions and Development, 1801 7th Ave. N., commercial remodel, $25,000

1334 4th St. N., garage, $21,000


2721 69th Ave. S., new residential, $500,000

MBA Development, 1420 7th St. N., building other church, $2,880,000

Gehrtz Construction, 3000 7th Ave. N., commercial remodel, $300,000

Holm Construction Services, 5510 13th Ave. N., commercial remodel, $18,000

2405 7th St. N., residential remodel, $20,000

Accent Contracting, 1605 29th Ave. S., residential remodel, $25,000

Western Products, 1514 36 ½ Ave. S., residential remodel, $31,352

1613 28th St. S., garage, $40,000


Jordahl Custom Homes, 6713 28th St. S., new residential, $235,000

Ryezon Construction, 402 9th Ave. S., residential remodel, $10,200

Innovative Basement Authority, 2313 11th St. S., residential remodel, $11,854

Innovative Basement Authority, 2837 Elm St. N., residential remodel, $4,233

Crist Construction, 7816 15th St. S., new residential, $600,000

Target Contractors, 101 2nd St. S., commercial remodel, $327.298

Minion Construction, 1677 66th Ave. S., residential remodel, $3,400

3506 Woodbury Court S., residential remodel, $58,443

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