What's going up in your neighborhood? Building permits published the week of March 20

Building permits recently filed in Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo

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Map: Click on the dots in the map for more information about each permit.


Althoff Homes, 2380 43rd St. N., commercial remodel, $15,000

Valor Contracting, 2983 43rd St. N., parking lot, $931,700

Valor Contracting, 2983 43rd St. N., new commercial, $1,518,300


Western Products, 1819 23rd St. S., residential remodel, $30,500

Western Products, 1644 11th St. N., residential remodel, $18,459

Tornell Construction, 1526 22nd Ave. S., commercial remodel, $21,500

Deckman Designs, 4344 20th Ave. S., commercial remodel, $15,365

Packet Digital, 704 38th St. N., miscellaneous work, $1,500,000

Thomsen Homes, 1481 69th Ave. S., twinhome, $193,000

Thomsen Homes, 1475 69th Ave. S., twinhome, $193,000

1517 13 ½ St. S., residential remodel, $40,000


Thomsen Homes, 1457 69th Ave. S., twinhome, $188,750

Thomsen Homes, 1461 69th Ave. S., twinhome, $188,750

Thomsen Homes, 1495 69th Ave. S., twinhome, $194,250

Thomsen Homes, 1499 69th Ave. S., twinhome, $194,250

Thomsen Homes, 1447 69th Ave. S., twinhome, $189,000

Thomsen Homes, 1453 69th Ave. S., twinhome, $189,000

Your Home Improvement Company, 2805 Parkview Drive S., residential remodel, $10,000

4701 27th St. N., commercial remodel, $8,000


Stilwell Properties, 334 39th St. N., commercial remodel, $65,000

1938 75th Ave. S., residential remodel, $5,000

Precision Concrete Cutters, 2832 Maple St. N., residential remodel, $6,000

SOS Carpentry, 1106 3rd St. N., residential remodel, $41,000

The Home Authority, 1241 Oak St. N., residential remodel, $129,373

Fiske Construction, 2019 Rose Creek Blvd S., residential remodel, $30,000


Precision Concrete Cutters, 6724 2nd St. N., residential remodel, $7,969


American Waterworks, 915 9th St. N., residential remodel, $7,087

Window World of Fargo, 406 Oak Way, residential remodel, $1,287

215 10th St. S., residential remodel, $5,000

Western Products, 2606 Fairview Drive, residential remodel, $22,316

West Fargo

Hager Renovations, 325 5th Ave. W., residential remodel, $1,500

Ryezon Construction, 5018 2nd St. E., garage, $30,410

Dabbert Custom Homes, 1029 Ashley Drive W., deck, $7,500


American Waterworks, 114 1st Ave. E., residential remodel, $10,312

501 3rd Ave. E., residential remodel, $2,000

Clay County Contracting, 2050 Main Ave. W., commercial remodel, $15,000

Tornell Contracting, 248 Edgewater Drive, residential remodel, $6,500

Jordahl Custom Homes, 6026 Martin Lane W., deck, $2,600

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