WEST FARGO — North Dakota's annual Main Street Summit was held at the Rustad Recreation Center Tuesday, Oct. 12. The summit brought together hundreds of people from around the area and offered them a look into what the state needs to do moving forward.

A major topic of conversation was the workforce and how to improve it.

"(There are) 30,000 open jobs in the state with $25 billion of capital expenditures planned for the state. That means it's only going to grow," said James Leiman, commissioner of the North Dakota Department of Commerce. "So we have to recruit workforce. We've got to get serious about migration or communities have to offer things that other states don't offer."

Through a series of talks and workshops, business owners were given tips on how to attract workers and adapt to the changing climate.

The state needs to make every effort it can to attract new families, Leiman said.