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Casselton man recovering from Covid and Guillain-Barre Syndrome

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FARGO — For 67-year-old Mike Krabbenhoft, the work is just beginning. On Thursday, July 23, the Casselton businessman was at Bethany Retirement Living in Fargo. Krabbenhoft is working with physical therapist Adam Schwent, hoping he can learn to walk again.

It all started the end of March when when he started to not feel well after attending some basketball tournaments.

"At that time, I thought it was a bug, but I had a fever and had no appetite," Mike described. "When I woke up in the morning, I could not move my arms or legs."

Mike was rushed to the hospital and he said everything after that is a blur. Mike not only had Guillain-Barre syndrome which was the reason for his paralysis, but he also had COVID-19. The combination of the two shut his body down.

"I was hooked up to a lot of things, like I said, I could not talk for three months," Mike recalled. "The first doctor who saw me said, 'I wasn't sure you would make it.'"


After three months in the hospital, with much of that time spent on a ventilator, Mike slowly came around. He could not walk or use his hands.

"We had to exercise the tongue and the lips, because I still can't speak well," Mike said.

Mike also couldn't swallow, but that is all starting to change as Mike's therapy moves forward.

"I think it is phenomenal what our medical people can do," he said. "My hats go out to the nurses and help I got."

"We're encouraged to stay positive, he had a long road and long road ahead, but he is a positive guy, and we try to encourage him to keep that attitude because we are seeing progress and we want to keep that going," said Mike's physical therapist, Adam Schwent.

Mike is patient, and he knows it will be some time before he is up and back to his old self. Because of that, he is grateful knowing that it could have turned out differently.

"I'm taking life a little different," Mike said. "I am taking it easier now, I am older now and there were people who did not make it, so yes, I feel fortunate."

Mike has not been able to return to his car business or home in Casselton since the first week of April. A GoFundMe has been set up in Mike's name to help pay for his expenses. Click here to donate .

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