Two side-by-side vendors WDAY spoke to Thursday have two different stories but similar experiences at shows.

One's eager to keep going after over a quarter of a century, and the other's already excited to make Fargo's street fair a repeated stop before even finishing year one.

More than 100,000 people are expected to attend the downtown Fargo street fair which runs Thursday through Saturday, and this year nearly 200 vendors line Broadway.

Those numbers made an impression on the first day of Cindy Johnson's first year as a vendor.

"We've had other vendors recommend it to us and say, 'Go, you won't be sorry, so go,' and so we did," said Johnson, owner of Apple Blossom Creations.

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She's used to traveling a couple of states away from Nebraska and has been all over the United States, but a stop in Fargo sticks out.

"A couple others we go to have been comparable but it has been very, very good so far. So, I'm excited about having two more full days of this," Johnson said.

She said the people are a plus. "Fargo has been by far the nicest," Johnson said.

She said it's just one of many reasons she plans on sticking around for year 45 of the street fair.

"The gal next door has been here for 22 years and that tells me something. If you have somebody that has been coming for that long, it must be something to repeat," she said.

The woman Johnson was talking about is Linda Reese, who calls both Minnesota and Arizona home.

"We've been doing shows for 35 years, but we've been here since 1992," said Reese, owner of Added Touch. Reese remembers starting out 27 years ago like Johnson's starting here this year.

"We enjoy the show, we have a lot of friends here and repeat customers, and then a lot of new customers," Reese said.

That same friendliness that Johnson is finding is what has kept Reese around for more than two decades.

Though the two share differences on where they're from, what they sell and how long they've been here, they both can agree it's a show well worth the trip.

"We'll come back and we want to get a double booth so we have more room," Johnson said.