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'42 gallons of nuts': Red squirrel stuffs Fargo man's truck with nuts

A south Fargo man found out just how assertive and hard working one red squirrel can be when his truck was filled with nuts.

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FARGO — Bill Fischer just cannot win the war in his yard. It's the home of a beautiful black walnut tree produces nuts that a red squirrel in the neighborhood finds irresistible.

The problem is the squirrel has picked Fischer's Chevy Avalanche as the winter storage hideout for hundreds of nuts; each about the size of a small lemon.

"The squirrel will come behind, run along the frame rail and all the way up to the front (of the truck)," Fischer explained. "Mostly under the hood and in the fenders."

"It was planning on camping there for the winter," Fischer said.


242726408_4409928615719396_2937208045131146089_n (1).jpg
To get all of the walnuts, Fischer had to remove the vehicle's fenders and grille.

Bill has cleaned out 42 gallons of black walnuts from his truck—finding them in every crack and crevice of his Chevy. The engine compartment, the fenders, nothing is off limits.

"I had to pull the fenders off and clean out all the walnuts out, and thought I had them all and took it down the road, turned the corner and found one rolling down the windshield where the wipers go," Fischer said.

Fischer's dog, Ashur, is beside himself. That red squirrel seems to taunt him. To think this just happened over a few days that the truck was parked.

While the grey squirrels have attempted to get some of those black walnuts, the red squirrel fights them off.

"It is one red squirrel doing this, going into the pickup," Fischer said.

While he has gotten most of the black walnuts out, a few are not retrievable.

"I have some rolling around the frame, rails wells as well, that I can't get at," Fischer said.

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