WEST FARGO-A West Fargo man's invention could more than double your gas mileage.

A newly built model shows how Ernie Brookins is turning 50 feet of driving with gas into 400 feet of driving without gas.

In his words, this particular device will make busses and tractors go 'seven times the laws of physics.'

"The laws of physics says you can't make more power than what you put in," said Ernie.

He's already tested the prototype, built into his 1980's pick up.

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As you drive with the engine turned on, the accelerator builds pressure into this tank, then the engine turns off, allowing the engine to be powered by the tank without using any fuel.

The engine turns back on when it needs to recharge.

"It's still going to have to fuel up all the time. But it's going to be able to drive four days on the same amount of fuel that it takes to drive one day today," said Ernie.

Ernie now has seven U.S. patents tied to his invention, he's working on an international patent, so he can finally get it to market.

It's not for money, he says, this is for the people.

"It won't be too long before you'll be putting me in the ground. The money won't help me a bit," said Ernie, "California's really hurting for air quality."

Years in the making, which he says isn't possible without his better half.

He and his wife Gail spent more than half a century fixing cars, running transmission business and hosting combine demolition derbies.

"She knows just about as much and of course she can run the computer and I can't," said Ernie.

Now they're focused on helping the public.

"You know everybody says you can't change the world. This will change the world," said Ernie.

He went through lots of equations while changing the world.

The most important equation; one man's vision times 56 years of marriage equals 'seven times the laws of physics.'

Ernie says he hopes to hold a press conference with engineers from around the world in the near future.