MOORHEAD — Addie Lorzel from Addie's Royal Cupcake Stand, her mother and numerous volunteers delivered about 800 cupcakes to schools and homes on Monday.

Even WDAY News' Amy Unrau partook in the festivities dressed as Queen Elsa, the main character from Disney's popular movie "Frozen". She and her fellow royalty surprised kids with Oreo and vanilla-flavored cupcakes on April 20.

Addie says they decided to make the deliveries out of boredom while having to stay inside during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her mother adds that the pair thought if they were bored, there were probably others feeling similar that they could help cheer up.

The cupcakes they delivered were free; but, many families made donations to Addie's favorite charity, the Sunshine Foundation. The charity's goal is to answer the dreams of the chronically or seriously ill as well as children who are physically challenged or abused.

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