FARGO — The Fargo Public Library has placed the spotlight on the events of 9/11, as the 20th anniversary of the attacks approaches.

The library has filled its entrance with posters commemorating the tragic day and is making an attempt to educate a new generation and share untold stories to those who saw it for themselves.

The posters show a history of the events — some even detail artifacts that were found after Sept. 11, 2001.

"There's been a whole generation of individuals that have been born since 9/11 that to them, this is truly history," said Sara Westall, a reference librarian and organizer of the display. "For a lot of us, we do remember the attacks and watching them on TV, but for this generation ... they didn't get to see that."

For those who haven't seen the display, there's plenty of time to stop by.

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"These should be up throughout the whole month of September, and they will be in our gallery here, and you can view them when we are open during our normal business hours," Westall said.

Those who are looking for more stories of 9/11 or can't visit the library for themselves can visit 911memorial.org.