WATCH: West Fargo officers shovel for elderly woman trapped in home

WEST FARGO — Police in West Fargo broke out shovels Saturday afternoon to help a woman trapped in her home by snow.

West Fargo resident Darlene Gryskiewicz told police on Saturday afternoon, Feb. 9, she was concerned about her elderly neighbor, whose house had been plowed in.

"I was hoping they'd either get a hold of a snow removal agency and then it would get billed to the rental company," said Gryskiewicz, who explained that plows completely missed her neighbor's house when they came through the week before, leaving her trapped inside.

Officers Michael Kane, Austin Bagley, Grant Richardson, and Michael Peitron came to help out. The four officers said plows wouldn't be able to help until Monday, so they decided to grab some shovels and get to work. Before they cleared paths to the house, the snow was up to their knees and the neighbor couldn't get to her car, which was buried in snow.

Sunday's snowfall made it a two day job. Officer Richardson went back to help finish the job. He said they lend a hand like this all the time, and they're happy to do it. Calls for shoveling help are surprisingly common, police said.

"Officers do dishes when they're at people's houses, or clean up, or pick up stuff all the time," said Richardson. "Or shovel driveways — especially in the snow time. We had a countless number of cars we pushed out this week."

With plenty more snow to come this winter, officers said they are ready for more work.

"Give us a call, Grant will shovel you out," said Officer Bagley.