Fargo nonprofit seeks input on which issues 2019 Human Rights Festival should focus on

FARGO — Combating human rights and social injustice issues is an around-the-clock fight.

Community members were invited to the Fargo Public Library on Wednesday, March 5, to discuss ways to eradicate the many issues addressed in the 2018 North Dakota Human Rights Film and Art festival.

Missing and murdered ingenious women and homelessness are still among the most prevalent and pressing human rights issues in the region and the state of North Dakota.

The gathering was also meant to spark a dialogue about which issues should be the focus of next year's festival.

"Maybe what we aren't talking about is some other issue that people have forgotten about or that isn't on our radar," said Sean Coffman, executive director of the Human Family. "Our goal is to lift that up so we don't forget about that issue, while still having these conversations about these other issues."

Open discussions were previously held in Bismarck and in Grand Forks. Another will be held online.

The next North Dakota human rights film and arts festival will take place Oct. 29 through Nov. 8.