FARGO — The FM Plastic Bag Task Force has started its 2020 Plastic Bag Challenge Jan. 6. The Plastic Bag Challenge encourages the use of shopping with a reusable bag and avoiding plastic bags.

Fifth graders at Horizon West Elementary School in Moorhead will participate in this year’s challenge.

Each student at Horizon West Elementary School will be given a reusable bag, provided by Gate City Bank of Moorhead. The students' challenge is to encourage any adult in their lives to use a reusable bag every time they go shopping.

If the fifth grader is successful in preventing a plastic bag from being used, parents can take a picture of their receipt and the reusable bag in use.

Photos will be submitted at https://www.surveylegend.com/s/1y2g. Be sure to select the team you wish to support. Local friends and family are welcome to participate and submit their own photos to the appropriate team to help them win.

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During the plastic Bag Challenge of 2019, 53,500 plastic bags were prevented from going into our local waste stream.