Homeowners in Moorhead are decking their halls early to help people in need. WDAY News reporter Bailey Vertin tells us why they're welcoming strangers into their homes and how it helps people with cystic fibrosis.

Doors are open for the 9th annual Holiday Homes of Hope tour. Homes from all across Moorhead are open to the public. For $25, anyone can see the twinkling lights, dazzling decorations, and heartful hearths.

These homes are decorated to the nines, all by local designers. Designers worked for two days straight on homes like this one, making them holiday ready.

"I hope number one it gets people in the spirit of Christmas, especially living here in North Dakota, and then I hope they just get inspired," says lead designer Audra Mehl.

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But it's not just for home shoppers, all the door money will go to the Cystic Fibrosis Association. That's the reason homeowner Jade Rosenfeldt decided to open her doors.

"I was actually like, no, I hate the idea of hundreds of people going through my house, but I talked to her a little bit more about it and what all the funds go to and I was just like 'you know what, never mind, I'll totally do this," says homeowner Jade Rosenfeldt.

Jade's home is towards the end of the tour. Her halls are decked, and her fire is roaring but for her, it's more than just about showing off her home. It was about giving back.

"Our family had a tragic loss almost a year ago and we don't know what caused her to pass away, what I do know is that giving back and giving back to the community to charities in town is very dear and near to our heart," says Rosenfeldt.

Making this holiday hopeful and homey. Coordinators are expecting to raise nearly 50,000 dollars from the tour.