EAST GRAND FORKS, MN--A big opportunity could be on the line for fishers in East Grand Forks.

The city was recently asked if they'd be interested in hosting the Governor's Fishing Opener in 2021.

While it wasn't an official offer - they'd still have to apply - they hope to be picked. One city leader tells us it would be an honor, and they believe it'd bring some great tourism to the city. The city is now working to make a proposal to bring the event to East Grand Forks.

"It would be a very big deal. Any time you can get the governor to come up and spend a couple of days and with everything that he brings with it, I think this would be a very exciting thing for the city of East Grand Forks. It would be a pretty prestigious honor," said East Grand Forks Administrator, David Murphy.

A decision about where to hold the fishing opener in 2021 will be made in the Spring.