FARGO — For the second year in a row, the Plains Art Museum is hosting the North Dakota Human Rights Arts Festival.

It's an annual arts festival that explores themes of human rights as defined by various international treaties and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The event kicked off Tuesday, Jan. 8.

Put on by Fargo-based nonprofit The Human Family since 2017, this year the festival has received contributions from 35 artists from the around the world.

Works featured int he exhibit include paintings and drawings, 3D art, written submissions, and short films.

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"People learn things and experience things in different ways," said Sean Coffman, head of Human Family . "When we're able to provide a wide selection of artwork for people to experience, we have the opportunity to impress ideas upon people in different ways."

Topics explored in the display include religion, race, patriotism, and sexuality — issues Coffman believes that art can give viewers a new lens to understand them through.

"Most of us see the world through one story — it's the story we live, and it's the story that has raised us from children to adults," Coffman said. "When we have the opportunity to have a different vantage point, we have the opportunity, maybe, to make some different choices."

The exhibit will be on display at the museum through Jan. 24. After its stay in Fargo it will travel to Bismarck, and later to Grand Forks.