Hankinson residents come out to support their high school band

HANKINSON, N.D. — While the impacts of widespread COVID-19 cancellations are being felt across the country, Hankinson High School's band is finishing the year on its own terms.

Instead of staying cooped up inside, more than two dozen musical maestros took their talents to their front yards Thursday, April 30.

Wendy Friskop has been a music teacher for 30 years, but she's never had to cancel spring band concerts due to a pandemic.

"I've never experienced anything like this," Friskop said. "It's really heartbreaking to see all these seniors and what they've lost this year."

Friskop decided to take a positive spin on the situation. If the students can't come to her, she will go to them.


"It gives me a chance to see my kids and what better way than to make it an assignment," she said.

Officially, it is an assignment, but one that carries much more meaning.

"We've been playing together for a long time, and I guess it's good (to get) together to play again for our last time," said student Jasmine Mauch, who plays in a trio with her classmates.

While the students had to miss out on playing together, they still had an audience. The entire town came out to listen to them play.

"It's very special," said senior band member Morgan Gaukler. "We didn't get that opportunity (to play a concert), but this just gives us one more shot."

The drive-by audience gave the concert a sense of community.

"Yeah state music was all cool, but this? ... They will for sure never forget this," said former student turned concert-goer Hannah Gaukler.

The band will be playing another concert from their yards on Thursday, May 7.

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