FARGO — Visitors of the Fargo Air Museum can now dive deeper into history using their cellphones.

The museum has partnered with Bismarck-based tourism company Talking Trail to give digital tours on the company's mobile app. Visitors can download the app right when they walk in to hear personal stories behind the planes on display.

Jackie Williams, the museum's executive director, said its 29 "talking points" are bringing a more interactive experience to visitors who choose to use it.

"Not everybody can see well, and not everybody can hear well, and so we wanted to reach out and find a tool that would help everybody experience the Fargo Air Museum," she said.

Williams said the extra interactivity makes visitors admire the planes for an average of about 45 minutes longer every time they come to the museum and use the app, and about 20% of people who come to the museum download it.

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"Everyone should have an audio component," she said. "It's easy — you don't have to put headphones on. It's not an extra fee, it's just added value."

The Fargo Air Museum is the first aviation museum in the state to use the Talking Trail app.