Kennedy Elementary hosts 'Living Wax Museum'

Kennedy Elementary third graders took on the persona of some of history's greatest, with their "Living Wax Museum" Friday, Oct. 29.

FARGO - Kennedy Elementary's Living Wax Museum looked to bring out the fun in history Friday, Oct. 29.

Third graders at the school were doing their very best impressions of historical figures, from Steve Irwin, to Vincent van Gogh, Jane Goodall and more.

The performance took place from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., and included four classes from the third grade.

They offered unique facts, biographies and tri-folds of information about each of the characters, while some even made their own artifacts that their historical figure once used.

The project has been two months in the making.


"We spent the months researching their lives, and they have worked on informational writing, their speaking skills or presentation skills. I mean, it's kind of all come together into this living wax museum," said Kennedy Elementary third grade teacher Melanie Unser.

Unser said these will culminate into their final writing projects at the end of the year.

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