Al Carlson is the Right Choice  on June 14th

I’m writing this letter to tell Fargo voters why I believe Al Carlson is the right choice for Fargo City Commission in the upcoming election. Of all the many candidates, he has -by far- the most experience critical to city governance.

He was in the ND House of Representatives for 26 years, 10 of which were as the Majority Leader. He represented Fargo all those years. His knowledge of the workings of state government will be extremely valuable as the Fargo Commission seeks state support in issues important to Fargo: affordable housing, childcare, job creation and other concerns.

Because some of these are not actually under the city’s umbrella of responsibility, having Al Carlson as a city commissioner who can effectively partner with the state and its agencies would be an invaluable asset for Fargo.

I know Al. I trust Al. I know he loves Fargo and will do a fantastic job as a city commissioner. I urge my fellow citizens to vote for Al Carlson June 14th.