Beadle: I’m running for Treasurer to Protect Taxpayer Dollars

This letter is paid content. I’m running for Treasurer with the goal of protecting your tax dollars. It’s that simple.

We do this by making government more transparent, empowering you to hold agencies accountable, and making sure our state is operating efficiently and effectively in order to best serves you.

I’ve got a record of getting this done in the State House, and I hope to continue that work for you in the Treasurer’s office.

Last session alone, I worked with our Tax and Insurance departments to increase efficiencies, streamline their operations and reduce 15 FTEs from state government without jeopardizing any services to our citizens. 

We need to better utilize technology in state government to increase efficiencies and make sure that our citizen’s data is being protected. Last legislative session, I chaired the conference committee for the IT Department where we invested in cyber security to stop the 5.3 million cyber attacks every month.

I’ve got a record of getting things done, and my experience allows me to hit the ground running. Especially in a time of economic uncertainty like we have now, we cannot afford to have someone try to learn about state budgets on the fly.

I’m running for Treasurer to protect your tax dollars and make sure government is working for you. It’s that simple. I hope I can count on your vote! Thomas Beadle