Beadle is the Best Pick for State Treasurer

This letter is paid content. For the first time in 16 years, the State Treasurer is an open seat in North Dakota. We need someone who understands the state budget and is well qualified to serve on multiple state boards. Thomas Beadle is my choice. He’s been a State Representative since 2010 and sits on the appropriations committee. From my time as Governor, I knew Beadle as a detail-oriented and data driven person but most importantly I trust his judgment.

During these uncertain economic times, it’s important to have someone like Thomas Beadle who knows the state’s finances, and can hit the ground running on day one. He will team up very well with Governor Doug Burgum and Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem.

I’m proud to support Thomas Beadle for State Treasurer. Jack Dalrymple

ND Governor 2010-2016

Casselton, ND