Businessman Rick Lemke supports Tim Mahoney as top candidate to lead Fargo

I watched the Fargo Mayoral Forum on April 25 and saw a stage full of people who love this city and want to make it better. There were a few glaring differences between the candidates, but none as much as this: Every candidate on the stage was talking in hypotheticals except for Tim Mahoney. The Mayor was talking in terms of successes, facts and results in Fargo. I am sure each of the candidates would like to see some changes, but I am positive that none of them, other than Mayor Mahoney, knows the best way to go about eliciting that change.

Mayor Tim Mahoney has decades of experience in public service and has proven that he will work to do what’s right for Fargo. Tim is an honest man, full of integrity, and he has spent so many years making the lives of those around him better. Whether as a surgeon or as Fargo’s Mayor, Dr. Mahoney has steady hands (both literally and figuratively) in his decision-making and his follow-through. That’s why Fargo is better off today than it was seven years ago.

In my opinion, there is no one in a better position to lead Fargo’s future than Tim Mahoney. We’re just coming off a pandemic and inflation is soaring; this is not the time to try out new leadership to see how it goes. Our city has challenges and needs for today, and it would take a new mayor years to get up to speed, to learn the job, and build key relationships both inside and outside of the city. Mayor Mahoney will be ready on day one. We can trust his leadership to continue growing Fargo in the right direction.

Please join me in Re-Electing Mayor Tim Mahoney.