I Trust Beadle’s Experience and Judgment

This letter is paid content. Thomas Beadle has been a friend since my time in the State Senate. As a conservative, farmer, business owner, and former federal candidate, I understand the pressure of these uncertain economic times. The people he surrounds himself with and his positive message of transparency and accountability make him the most qualified candidate for State Treasurer.

During our time together in the legislature, I knew Beadle to be extremely hard-working. I saw that first-hand when I worked with him to expand Autism Insurance coverage for our citizens. He had friends from all groups of people and was respected by all. Maybe that is why he has so many donations from other State Representatives and Senators – they trust him to do the job well .

Getting the state economy booming again needs to be the top priority of every elected official right now. Our citizens need to be in a strong position to succeed, and they can’t do that without good jobs and thriving industries. Beadle’s been ranked as the top champion for business for years, and we need that sort of leadership in the Treasurer’s office now more than ever. Tom Campbell

Owner of Tri-Campbell Farms

Grafton, North Dakota