Melissa Burkland would be asset to Fargo Schools

When you vote for the Fargo School Board next month, make one of your choices Melissa Burkland.

I met Melissa about 20 years ago, when we were both first year law students. It was immediately apparent that she was a passionate, whip-smart individual. Two decades later, my opinion has not changed. As the mother of five children attending four FPS campuses, I want Melissa in my kids’ corner.

Melissa will be a champion for teachers. She is the daughter of educators, including the late Nancy Burkland, a longtime FPS educator and administrator. Importantly, Melissa was also recently endorsed by the FEA, the local teacher’s union.

Melissa will fight for students. Her own children attend Clara Barton-Hawthorne Elementary and Ben Franklin Middle School. Her husband, Dr. Grant Syverson, is a pediatrician. She is sensitive to the different needs of children and the challenges these present.

Importantly, Melissa is not easily swayed. An attorney and a member of last year’s FPS Covid committee, she will make decisions based on facts and evidence and will stand firm in those decisions.

Melissa Burkland would be an amazing asset to FPS and deserves your vote.

Carlye Gast
Fargo, ND