Paid political letter: Re-Elect Sheriff Jesse Jahner

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Four years ago, my wife and I voted for Jesse Jahner, who was running for the position of Cass County Sheriff. Soon we will have the opportunity to cast our votes again for this position. And again, we will cast our votes for Jesse Jahner. To be upfront, we have known the Jahner family for many, many years. However, selecting the best person to lead the Cass County Sheriff’s Office is beyond personal friendships. Sheriff Jahner is a highly trained, capable and honorable man who puts the needs of Cass County first.

For the last four years, Sheriff Jahner and his department have provided the residents of Cass County a safe environment that stretches above and beyond the call of duty. In addition to patrolling, investigations, SWAT teams, jail management and much more, Sheriff Jahner continues to support participation in county wide events to promote citizen interaction with the Sheriff’s Office.

Once again, Nancy and I will be supporting Jesse Jahner for his re-election in November. Please join us by casting your vote for Sheriff Jesse Jahner.

Roger G. Gress
Fargo, N.D.