Paid political letter: Schultz Supports Minnesota Farmers

In Minnesota, one out of five jobs is agriculture-related. Given the importance of agriculture to our state, we need elected officials who understand the challenges our farmers face. Unfortunately, this is a key trait that our current Attorney General, Keith Ellison, is sorely lacking.

My upbringing instilled in me the importance of agriculture. As a young middle schooler, I got my first job as a corn detasseler in Stearns and Sherburne County fields for Wensman Seed, a Minnesota corn seed company. Throughout high school and much of college, I worked on a small farm to make money and help pay for my education. These experiences taught me a lot about the day-to-day of farming, helped me to understand the importance of protecting and conserving farmland, and deepened my appreciation for the hard work required of farmers day in and day out.

Yet, you don’t need to work on a farm to understand that we cannot put dinner on the table without our farmers. Unfortunately, too many leftwing politicians, including Keith Ellison, use their office to advocate for policies that hurt those who feed our state and nation. In fact, Ellison has shown Minnesotans that he is downright hostile to the needs of farmers in our state.

With gas at $5 a gallon, our farmers are getting hit especially hard. However, Keith Ellison has been on record in support of raising the gas tax. During an interview with Minnesota Public Radio while discussing the gas tax, Ellison said, “In my opinion, I, Keith Ellison, you know, me, I just think we need to raise it.”

It appears that Ellison neither understands nor cares that our farmers rely on diesel fuel to power their tractors and combines for planting and harvesting and many other uses. Ellison’s approach to raising the gas tax would increase the cost of production for farmers, which in turn raises costs for wholesalers, retailers, and consumers. This means higher food prices for all of us at a time when Minnesota families are suffering from skyrocketing inflation.

As Attorney General, Ellison has proven himself to be hostile toward our agriculture community. For instance, he deployed the power of his office to take legal action against two different egg producers in the state. In both cases, Ellison abused his power by investigating or suing these companies based on specious legal theories. Those cases were representative of many instances in which Ellison has bullied farmers and other small businesses in the state. He has put politics ahead of farmers and the state that relies upon them.

We need an Attorney General who understands that the work our of farmers in our state is central to Minnesota’s and our nation’s future. If elected Attorney General, I will be an ally to farmers. My office will ensure that we aren’t threatening and punishing the farmers who are simply running their farms as they always have.

As the Republican-endorsed candidate for attorney general, I ask for your vote on August 9 in the Republican primary so that I can hold accountable Keith Ellison on Election Day in November for his hostility toward our farmers. With your support, we can defeat him and put an end, once and for all, to the misery he is inflicting on Minnesota farmers and the rest of the state.

Jim Schultz, the Republican-endorsed candidate for Minnesota Attorney General
Minnetonka, Minn.