Paid political letter: Support Christiansen & Mund

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It’s surprising so little attention has been paid to programs like Social Security and Medicare going into the November election. That is unfortunate, because recent comments indicate key Republicans and Republican candidates across the country once again have these programs in their sights.

North Dakota Congressman Kelly Armstrong is a member of the Republican Study Committee that is behind one of the radical proposals to cut these programs. Senate candidate Rick Becker opposes programs like Social Security and Medicare in general and has called Social Security a foolish pyramid scheme. North Dakota Senator John Hoeven will do whatever Mitch McConnell tells him, and Mitch McConnell blames these programs for just about everything.

Their challengers are Katrina Christiansen and Cara Mund, two women leaders who can be trusted to protect critical programs such as these.

As voters go to the polls, I encourage them to look into these Republican proposals to privatize Social Security and slash Medicare. These programs are critical for millions of Americans and our votes will determine whether or not these programs remain strong for future generations.

Amy Martineck
Valley City, N.D.