Marcus Theatre's West Acres Cinema to start vaccine-only screening options Friday

The vaccine-only showings will start Friday, Jan. 21, and will be updated every couple of weeks depending on new releases.

Marcus Theatre's West Acres Cinema will host vaccine-only showings starting Friday, Jan. 21.
Ben Morris / WDAY News

FARGO — Marcus Theatres will give viewers the option to see vaccine-only showings at its West Acres Cinema starting Friday.

It will show "Scream" and "Redeeming Love" to start, as they are the newer movies to hit the big screen. Then, they will rotate newer ones in when they get released.

To get into a vaccinated showing, just visit the theatre's website or app, and select the "Vaccine-Only" showing.

From there, you will need to bring your vaccine card, or a picture of it, as well as a valid photo ID.

The company's plan is to follow all vaccinated showings with standard, vaccine-optional showings 15 to 30 minutes afterward.


The company started the program off in different locations in November of 2021, saying they've won concerned customers back.

"You're a loyalty member. We've you know, we've been friends for a long time. And we haven't seen you in 18 months, we put the vax show in, and this guest came back," said Marcus Theatre's Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Clint Wisialowski.

Wisialowski said this way some are more comfortable coming to the movies, while others still maintain the choice to choose whichever show they wish.

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